1. The Applicant

The Stallholder is the applicant (individual, group, organization, or company representative) seeking to hire a site in any location at Markets 2259 as listed on the application in the online booking system. Both the business trading name and the legal status of the applicant must be identified clearly and precisely in that application.

Any reference to the applicant includes a reference to their employees, casual workers, volunteers, agents,
Contractors or other staff of the applicant.

2. Hours Of Operation

Markets 2259 operates on the 2nd Sunday of each month between the hours of 9:00am - 3:00pm - FREE ENTRY

Any general or sponsorship enquiries to go through our management Contact Us page @ www.eventlynx.com.au

3. Location

The Markets 2259 event is located at Wyong Racecourse, 71- 73 Howarth St, Wyong NSW 2259

4. Bad Weather and Other Disruptions

Markets 2259 operates under all weather conditions on the designated day, however under extreme or other unforeseen disruptions occur that are beyond the operator’s control may force the operator to close the markets. Therefore, applicants must accept the risk of bad weather or other disruptions occurring at times, NO refunds will be paid unless the closure was predominantly due to the fault of the operator or by Police or Government body.

5. Booking a Site

5.1 All stallholder/vendor site bookings must be made online via the Markets 2259 Application Form.

5.2 Site hire

  1. Corporate Sites - (Market Alley) bookings to be made via the Markets 2259 Application Form.
  2. Corporate Sites - (Show & Shine) All enquiries made online through the Contact Us link on website

5.3 The operator may refuse any application for any reason including, but not limited to any breaches of conditions. Previous hiring of a stall site does not automatically privy the applicant to that stall/site in the future.

6. Eligible Goods and Services

  1. General market stallholders or traders must not sell any goods or services which are prohibited or not approved by the operator at the time of your application being processed for approval.
  2. Food Vendors must not sell any items other than those which have been approved during the application process.
  3. Please use recycled products where possible as the following items are banned from use at Markets 2259…
    • NO plastic straws
    • No glass drinking bottles
    • All Styrofoam
  4. Any stallholder/site hirer must not sell any item of an illegal or deemed as offensive in nature or any other goods prohibited by any law of the State or Commonwealth Government.

7. Exclusive Trading Rights

Markets 2259 operates based on fair trading and competition. The operator will not generally grant to any stallholder the exclusive rights to sell any goods or services. However, the operator may grant such rights to stallholders in exceptional circumstances, considering such applications will include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Whether the stallholder is prepared to pay a premium for such rights
  2. Whether the stallholder is a regular of long standing
  3. Whether the stallholder has an excellent record of complying with the operator’s requirements. If such rights are granted, the Operator gives no guarantees, but will endeavor to do all that is reasonable to protect those rights.

8. Payment

Once approved, we will send you an invoice, please make payment in FULL online by direct debit into our account. This payment must be approved by the issuing bank or financial institution reference number within two weeks of the selected market date.

9. Cancellations

Once you have booked a site at Markets 2259 management offers NO refunds! Should you wish to transfer your booking to another date you MUST notify our office by email to: office@eventlynx.com.au NO later than 12 noon on the Monday prior to the scheduled market day.

NO cancellations or transfer of dates will be accepted after this time with loss of payment for the scheduled day.

10. Refunds

Market stallholders must accept the risk of bad weather or at times other unforeseeable disruptions to the
markets and will not be entitled to a refund. There are NO refunds for wet weather or cancelled events. Management have the right to cancel any events deemed dangerous to our vendors or patrons.

N.B. Central Coast Council or the Venue Managers can cancel the event at any time!

11. Site Use and Presentation

  1. NO subletting of stall space permitted at Markets 2259, instant dismissal if caught in breach!
  2. Marquees MUST be clean, in good repair and can only take up the allocated space
  3. ALL signage MUST be of a professional standard
  4. Markets 2259 is strictly a Non-Smoking Zone!
  5. All bins located onsite are for the strict use of our patrons. NO DUMPING OF RUBBISH!
  6. The stallholder/vendor/hirer is responsible for the removal of any unsold food or items, used cartons, containers, materials, and rubbish. Your site must be left in the same condition as you arrived.

12. Staffing

  1. You are permitted to have as many staff as required on the day. Please ensure they wear or carry some identification representing your stall/company.
  2. All stallholders and their staff MUST be compliant with OH&S guidelines and NSW Work Cover requirements, plus have their workers covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.

Contact 13 10 50 for more information about the role of employees and workers regarding work health or safety.

Contact: www.workcover.nsw.gov.au for further information regarding OH&S.

13. Setting Up / Closing Down

Set-up - We ask you to arrive/check-in as per your allotted time slot on the day of the market. You will be allotted a 20min window to ONLY unload your items. Any associated vehicles - trailers must be removed by THE PERSCRIBED TIME

Service - You need to have your stand presentable for sales NO later than 8:30am ready for any council inspections. If you do not, then the stall will be deemed vacant and open to reallocation. In the event you are running late you MUST TEXT the market office on m. 0402 732 780 to inform them that you are still coming and ONLY then will they hold your allocation. Please do not phone on the day!

Pull Down - You may commence dismantling after 3pm. NO vehicles are permitted to enter or vacate the site until 15 mins after the scheduled closing time and ONLY when advised by an official!

SAFETY - NO vehicle movement permitted in the market area between 8:30am and 3:15pm UNLESS AUTHORISED!

14. Insurances


  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance

15. Inspection of Documents

You must bring a copy of any insurance/s, certificates, car registration, &/or License on the day of the markets. It is your responsibility to have the correct documents available should they be required on the day.

16. Claims Against the Operator

The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that the owners or managers are not liable for any claims arising

  1. Damage to any goods or other property of the stallholder, or
  2. Theft of any goods or other property of the stallholder or their staff, or Injury, loss or damag3 suffered by any person at Markets 2259 or Damage to or the theft of any property of any person at the markets.

17. Exclusion of the Operator’s Liability

The stallholder, Food Vendor, vehicle seller, boot sales or Corporate acknowledges and agrees that the Operator has not given any warranties or guarantees in relation to the following:

  1. The number of potential customers
  2. The benefits of their stall/site location
  3. The number sales or profits
  4. The presence of other stallholders selling the same or similar items on the day
  5. The extent of which management has carried out any marketing, advertising of promotion

18. Casual Stalls/Sites

18.1 Corporate sites- Market Alley

  1. Casual corporate sites are available to hire
  2. A minimum hire period of (3) months applicable
  3. Must carry their own Public Liability Insurance you must provide the insurer and policy number when applying for a site.

18.2 Pop Up - General/Bric-a-brac Marketr Stalls

  1. Casual market stalls are available to hire
  2. No minimum hire period applies
  3. Must accept all T&C’s to be covered under Eventlynx Public Liability Insurance (if required)
  4. The following items are prohibited from sale at our markets….
    • Drugs or medicine
    • Knives
    • Firearms
    • Chemical goods
    • Industrial goods
    • Stolen goods
    • Secondhand heaters
    • Secondhand light fittings

18.3 Corporate Sites - Show & Shine

  1. Corporate sites are available and restricted to any Company associated within the Vehicle industry
  2. A minimum hire period of (3) months is applicable
  3. Management have NO responsibility of any dealings between the Corporate identity, buyer, or seller
  4. Advertising - You are permitted to have two banners on the fence near your site
  5. No flyers or stickers to be placed on any vehicle at Markets 2259
  6. All signage must be removed at the end of the Market trading times and site left as found on the day